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Julius Frack put on his first illusion show when he was only seven, and since then the entertainer has performed successfully on the international stage for many years. Julius Frack entertained presidents, royal houses, CEOs and outstanding people and audiences all over the world, in Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Paris, Rome, London, Berlin, Beijing, Marrakesh and many other locations and has thrilled audiences in over thirty countries. Julius has won international prizes and awards with his acts, including  World Champion of Grand Illusion, Magician of the Year, and hailed as one of the best ‘Monte Carlo Magic Stars’ of the last 25 years.

Julius Frack is a modern, internationally experienced and repeatedly decorated illusionist. He guarantees the highest quality for your event. Julius’ trademarks are his appearance and the stylishly staged original illusions of world-class standard. He will make a long lasting positive impression on your guests. They will witness how he makes his assistant appear, disappear and levitate - and how he walks through her. He will make snow appear from his bare hands and cars or even busses appear on stage, a spectator will become invisible and he will execute a stunt and escapes from the "Box of Death".


Numerous well-known event organisers worldwide have engaged Julius Frack as an illusionist for a variety of occasions in the past, and have been elated by his arts.


Julius’ strengths, which have been praised by many international jurys, lie in original acts with impressive effects and in the involvement of the audience into the show. By these means he creates a truly inspiring atmosphere which then carries the whole performance. With his personality and his charismatic demeanour, Julius offers unique and high quality entertainment. Julius` appearances are characterised by a high degree of professionalism: Over twenty-five years’ experience in show business and Julius' eloquence (in English, French and Spanish, as well as German) guarantee an all-round successful show for you.



Centre Culturelle, Brüssel (Belgien)
Großes Haus, Bayreuth
Hilton, Wien (Österreich)
Teatro Nacional, Quito (Ecuador)
Kulturpalast, Dresden
Kursaal, Dunkerque (Frankreich)
Teatro Nacional, Bogotá (Kolumbien)
Palais de Beaulieu, Lausanne (Schweiz)
Téâtre Princesse Grace, Monte Carlo (Monaco)
Zuidplein Theater, Rotterdam (Niederlande)
Schmidt-Theater, Hamburg
Hotel Estrel, Berlin
Hansa-Theater, Hamburg

Meervaart Theater, Amsterdam (Niederlande)
Star Hotel, Lund (Schweden)
Wolferdange Theater, Luxemburg (Luxemburg)
Congress Theatre, Eastbourne (UK)
Teatro Ateneo, Caracas (Venezuela)
OTV Grand Performance Hall, Shanghai (China)
Magic Castle, Hollywood (USA)
Auditorio Municipal, Lissabon (Portugal)
Sai Wan Ho Civic Theatre, Hong Kong (China)
Centro Cultural, Macao (China)
Palais de Congrès, Marrakesch (Marokko)
Happy Valley Theatre, Shenzen (China)
Teatro Nacional, Madrid (Spanien)

Friedrichsbau Varieté, Stuttgart

Allianz Arena, München



Daimler Benz
Hugo Boss
Kreissparkassen (KSK)
L-Bank Stuttgart
Mercedes Benz
Auto Club Europa (ACE)

Flughafen Stuttgart AG
Lions Club
Rotary Club
Europa Park
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen
Oracle Deutschland
Georg Fischer AG


FC Bayern München


Nelson Müller

Porsche Leipzig



Schubecks teatro

Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen


Hoffmann-La Roche


Bosch Rexroth


1995 1. price International German Championships of Magic

1996 Member of Magic Circle Germany

1996 Silver Magic Rings, Lausanne

1996 German Champion of Magic

1998 Monte Carlo Magic Stars, Monaco

2001 Shanghai International Magic Festival Award, Shanghai

2002 Magic Castle Hollywood, USA

2002 Bill Baird – Neil Foster Award, Michigan, USA

2003 Young Wizardz’ Showcase, Hong Kong

2004 Heilbronner Lorbeeren, Gaffenberg-Festival

2004 Premiere of the full-feature illusion show „Imagi(e)nationen“

2005 Magic & Comedy Award, St. Moritz

2006 FLASOMA, Bogotá

2007 “Le plus grand cabaret du monde” TV 5, Paris

2007 Lecture Tour South America

2008 German Vice-Champion Stage Illusions, Neuss

2009 World Champion Stage Illusions, Peking

2010 Magician of the Year

2010 Best of 25 years Monte Carlo Magic Stars, Monaco

2011 Mandrakes d'Or, Paris

2012 Guinness World Record

2012 Premiere of the full-feature illusion show MAGIC GOLD

2013 MAGIC GOLD on tour in Germany

2014 Closing act for Blackpool Magic Convention (the biggest magic convention in the world)

2014 FC Bayern Munich appearing team bus illusion 

2015 25 years stage jubilee

2016 leading artist in 100% MAGIC show production

2016 appearing helicopter illusion

2017 appearing illusion at the world premiere of the new Siemens MRT 

2017 Headliner Norwegian Cruiseline Jade

2017 Premiere of the full-feature Dinner-Show ILLUSION DINNER DELUXE

2018 TV Show „The Amazing Magician“ in China with 300 Mio. viewers

2019 premiere of THE MAGIC PEARLS - all female illusionists group

2020 premiere of ILLUSION - The new magic show

2020 founding of ROCKET MAGIC - magic marketing agency

2021 premiere of MAGIC OF TOMORROW



France2 – Best of «Le cabaret du monde», Paris
TV5 Europe - Best of «Le cabaret du monde»
TV5 World - Best of «Le cabaret du monde»
abc television - Champions of magic
HBO Entertainment
ARD - Wunsch-Box
ARD - Tigerenten-Club

ZDF - Knoff-Hoff-Show
ZDF - Drehscheibe Deutschland
RTF1 - Magische Minuten mit Julius Frack
CCTV - China
OTV - Oriental Television, China
TEM - Hokus Pokus, Istanbul
RCN – Ilusión, Bogotá

ProSieben - taff

VOX - Good by Deutschland

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