In his shows Julius Frack makes his partner appear, disappear and levitate - he even walks through her. Snow appears from his bare hands and he makes cars, a helicopter or even busses appear on stage, a spectator becomes invisible and Julius escapes from the "Coffin of Death".

Our objective is to make your guestst and you as a producer happy with your event. We dedicate our entire know-how and many years of experience in showbusiness into every single show we do.



World class grand illusion shows ***Illusion de luxe***

Exclusive shows for VIP, corporate events and gala-dinners with stand-up-illusions

Gala-Shows "The Tailor" und "World Champion Illusions"

Exclusively developed effects, special creations und product presentations

Shows for Magic Conventions

Make an object or a product appear, disappear, levitate, enlarge, diminish, wrap and unwrap

Make a person appear, disappear or levitate

We develop, deliver and install special effects and installations for your public building

As a bonus, we incorporate your company or your product as a vital part in all of our shows. Even more - we specialised in the marketing of products and brands by means of magic.


Our illusion shows are requested from all over the world and we're happy to make you an offer for you for your next event.

Are you planning a special gala-show or a noble corporate event, a VIP dinner or an individual product presentation, a mega illusion, a convention or a high-class employee or customer event?

Julius Frack will make you and your guests feel enthusiastic about his performance. Guaranteed. This is our obligation to you.

In his full-feature illusion show MAGIC GOLD, Julius Frack presents breathtaking illusion acts with spectacular effects: Julius must escape from the burning "box of death", women are transformed into pure gold, a car appears on the stage, and a spectator becomes invisible in front of the audience.

But smaller, more poetic numbers also find their place in MAGIC GOLD.

Oranges grow on an orange tree under Julius’s hands, he reads his spectators’ minds, and he makes light float in midair.


At MAGIC GOLD you will experience the true art of illusion - guaranteed live and without camera tricks.


GOLD was also awarded to Julius Frack at the World Championships of Magic in Beijing, China. He is the World Champion of Stage Illusions. But his efforts are not confined to China: Julius Frack performs grand illusions all over the world. Last year alone, his trips led him to China, Columbia, Monaco, the UK, France, Sweden, Spain and Belgium. 


For three years Julius Frack and his team worked on the new creations for MAGIC GOLD. But Julius classics, such as his world-famous levitation act where the illusionist walks through his assistant, are also part of MAGIC GOLD.

Julius Frack

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Illusion Show - Julius Frack