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Companies all over the world trust Julius for their events.


“You made it a great event, with everything that goes with it!”


About Julius

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Julius Frack is one of the most versatile and accomplished illusionists from Europe. Born in Germany, he discovered his passion for magic at a young age and has been wowing audiences with his shows for years.


As a master of stage illusions, Julius has won numerous international awards throughout his career. In fact, he holds the esteemed title of World Champion of Stage Illusions. Julius's performances are known for their breathtaking effects, seamless execution, and captivating storytelling.


He has traveled the world, performing for audiences in major cities across Europe, Asia, and America. He is constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of magic, always striving to create new and unforgettable experiences for his audiences. Whether he's performing in front of thousands or a small group, Julius's shows are always a true spectacle.


For the audience, for you as a producer Julius and his team are always reliable, professional partners, fully committed to the success of your event.



Grand Illusion

Julius performs breath-taking grand illusions. Snow appears from his hands, a spectator becomes invisible and he performs an escape stunt.


Close-up Illusion

Julius is a master of close-up illusions, he effortlessly manipulates cards and thoughts alike. Prepare to be astounded by his enigmatic bill test or his brilliant ring routine.

Laser bearbeitet 3.jpg

Magic Mystery

Julius makes his partner appear, disappear and levitate in the air, walks through a human body and performs a superfast change illusion. 


Appearing Illusion

Julius makes cars, a helicopter and busses or any other big object appear on stage.

Julius Frack Orange Tree_edited.jpg

Stand-up Illusion

Julius burns a borrowed bill and rematerializes it on an orange tree. He reads minds, makes impossible predictions and shows the high art of manipulation. 


Product launch

We put your brand or product on stage in a magical way.

Julius Frack Orangenbaum Illusion
Julius Frack Laser-Schwebe
Julius Frack Illusionist
Julius Frack für AXA
Julius Frack Helikopter erscheint
Julius Frack Illusionist
Julius Frack Illusionist
Julius Frack Sägeillusion
Julius Frack MAGIC GOLD Die Kiste des Todes Photo Michael Chiaretta_MR
teatro Linz
Julius Frack ein Bus erscheint
Julius Frack Illusion Show
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Why should I book Julius Frack as a magician, entertainer and illusionist?


Julius Frack guarantees world-class entertainment and perfection and no compromises from A-Z. Julius won the 1st price in Stage Illusions at the World Championship of Magic, beating out magicians and illusionists from around the globe. Reserve your date in Julius Frack's schedule today for your event today and enjoy his world-class magic show that lasts from 10-90 minutes.


With Julius Frack, you benefit from years of experience that he uses to ensure the success of every single event. He and his team always focus on the guests and their entertainment at large company events and galas, exclusive shows, TV, and VIP events. Enthusiastic guests and satisfied organizers are always their top priority.


Watch Julius in action in his show trailer and experience the variety of his magic and illusion acts, including the floating girl, the bill in orange at an orange tree, the spectator that visibly becomes invisible, an appearing helicopter, and many other magic tricks and illusions.


Julius Frack grew up in Stuttgart and was enthusiastic from the start to follow the style of the magicians in Stuttgart and develop new, original illusions and present them in a modern style and innovative design. He is known far beyond the magicians in the Stuttgart region and is in demand worldwide. His unique and stylish appearance is one of the most copied but never equaled illusionists of our time.


Julius Frack masters the big illusions and creates special effects, visual illusions, and implements individual concepts for magic shows and magic shows for company events. He is known and in demand beyond Baden-Württemberg and the Stuttgart region, traveling as a magician throughout Germany and around the world. In the past year alone, he has performed at company events as an illusionist, magician, and magician in cities like Munich, Essen, Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Saarbrücken, Hamburg, Hanover, Leipzig, and Bonn.


Book Julius Frack as an illusionist, magician, and magician for your event today. Contact us using the contact form, and we'll get back to you shortly.



How can I book Julius Frack as an illusionist and magician?


If you're planing to reserve your date with Julius Frack for your next company event, gala, party, or product launch, you have easy access to him and all the resources he can add to the success of your event. You easily can get in touch via email or the contact form on our website.


You will get immediate response by Julius or a member of his team to discuss your needs and provide you with the perfect offer for his world-class illusion show or a calculation for any custom projects you have in mind.


Throughout the entire planning process, Julius and his technical team will work closely with you to ensure seamless coordination of event technology and the overall flow of your event. They understand how delicate this task can be and are committed to ensuring that everything runs smoothly.


On the day of your event, you can trust that Julius and his team will be fully focused on providing top-notch service to you and your guests, from arrival to departure. They will coordinate with any other actions, live bands or show acts to ensure there are no complications.


At Julius Frack's shows, what you see is what you get - there are no hidden or additional costs. Hire Julius Frack today for an unforgettable and perfectly executed event.



What means the title "World Champion of Stage Illusions“?


The "Fédération Internationale des Societés Magiques" the international association of magicians associations, or simply FISM is known for organizing the highly renowned World Championships of Magic every three years. It's the only association that is entitled to award the title of World Champion in Magic.


To make it to this prestigious event, one must qualify through preliminary competitions, in Germany by winning a price at the German Championships Magic of the "Magic Circle of Germany" (MZVD).


Competitors from all around the world, including magicians and illusionists, showcase their skills in various categories of magic such as close-up, stand-up, and grand illusion. From performing table magic for a smaller number of spectators to levitating a human, the categories are diverse and exciting. The World Championships have seen some of the most well-known illusionists walk away with a prize.


For Julius and his partner Cindy, winning the World Championships and earning the title of World Champion of Stage   Illusions was a significant achievement. It not only recognized their talent in creating new and innovative magic effects but also challenged them to bring world-class magic to various events. They strive to make their magic accessible to a wide audience by performing at company events, customer occasions, TV shows, VIP events, and product presentations. Julius and Cindy aim to showcase high-quality magic and illusion art at a world-class level.



Which show suits me and my event?


Julius Frack, a highly versatile renowned illusionist based in Stuttgart / Germany. He is committed to providing top-notch entertainment for any occasion.


As a stand-up illusionist, he delivers language-based magic performances for your company party, anniversary, or customer event, catering to up to 300 guests.


For larger-scale corporate events with over 1,000 to 2,000 attendees, he you can rely on him as grand illusionist.


For smaller and more exclusive gatherings and VIP occasions, he offers close-up magic as a table magician, performing directly for your guests.


Contact Julius Frack's management team for a consultation to determine which show concept best suits your event's location and budget. With a vast repertoire of large and small illusions, Julius can customize his show to meet your specific requirements.


If you are planning a product presentation, new product launch, or kick-off event and want to feature your product or have a CEO magically appear, disappear, or levitate, Julius Frack and his team's extensive experience and expertise are at your disposal. Julius will create an individualized concept tailored to your ideas and budget.



How do I know that Julius Frack is the right choice as entertainment for my corporate event?


Julius Frack is not just any ordinary artist you book blindly, but an internationally sought-after performer with a proven track record of delivering exceptional shows. He has received rave reviews for his performances and his natural, charming demeanor has won over countless hearts.


The moment when a signed banknote reappears inside a visibly growing orange tree, the entire room falls silent in awe. At every corporate event, party, anniversary, conference, and congress where Julius has showcased his magic tricks, the audience has been mesmerized and left with no doubt that they've witnessed a truly special artist. When you book Julius Frack as your illusionist and magician for your company event, you can be sure that you've made the best choice.

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