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prepare to be enchanted
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Magic Mystery Illusion Show

Experience the enchantment of magician Julius Frack as he adds a touch of brilliance to your events with his mesmerizing world-class magic show. From a young age, Julius showcased exceptional talent, earning him the prestigious titles of German and world champion. With his unique charm and extraordinary magical prowess, Julius weaves a tapestry of wonder, captivating audiences both nationally and internationally. Let Julius Frack sprinkle his enchantment on your events, creating an unforgettable and truly magical experience for all.


Elevate your events with world-class magician Julius Frack, leaving a lasting impression on your guests. Whether it's a product launch, gala dinner, or stylish soirée, Julius Frack delivers the perfect magic show, breaking the mold and adding an enchanting touch to any occasion. Set yourself apart from the competition and astound the world with a captivating centerpiece that sparks a mesmerizing display of illusions. Create an unforgettable evening filled with top-class magic and schedule a meeting with Julius Frack today. His charm, spectacular illusions, and tailored performances will leave your guests amazed and ensure a spellbinding atmosphere that sets your event apart.

Embark on an enchanting evening with world-class magician Julius Frack, captivating your esteemed business partners and colleagues. Celebrate significant contracts and forge new business relationships with a tailored and unforgettable experience. Impress your partners with a magic show that showcases your expertise as a host, setting the bar high for exceptional products and refined experiences. Illuminate your event with the shimmer of excitement as Julius Frack's talent and charismatic demeanor guarantee an unforgettable and dazzling spectacle. Let his performances leave a lasting impression on all in attendance.

technical details

duration - 15 min to 4 h 

setting - standing reception, table seating, party

crew - 1 performer, possibly 1 assistant

arrival on location - 1-2 h before the show 

set-up - no set-up time necessary

departure from location - 30 min after end of the show

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