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Stand-up Magic Show

stand-out with Julius' stand-up magic

Stand-up illusions

Experience the magic of Julius Frack, the ultimate choice for mesmerizing company celebrations, events, and sophisticated galas that stand in a league of their own. From a young age, Julius Frack has astounded audiences with his extraordinary magic, continuously captivating and astonishing them. Hailing from Stuttgart, this exceptional magician quickly gained recognition beyond city borders, becoming a highly sought-after performer throughout Germany. At a mere 21 years old, he claimed the German championship with his mind-blowing magic tricks, leaving an indelible impression with his undeniable charm. Since then, he has been enchanting people across Germany, earning the reputation as the magician for exceptional and unforgettable events. Taking it a step further, Julius achieved international acclaim in 2009 by winning the prestigious title of World Champion in grand illusions, solidifying his position at the pinnacle of the magical arts.


Elevate your special evening to extraordinary heights by engaging one of the most exceptional magicians in the field. Julius Frack will ensure your guests are thoroughly delighted, regardless of the occasion. Whether it's an exclusive gala dinner or a corporate milestone celebration, his magic will leave a lasting impression. With each performance, Julius weaves a spellbinding experience, captivating the audience with his charm and world-class illusions, transporting them to a realm of unparalleled magic. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey as you hire Julius Frack, the magician who has graced the world's most renowned stages. Together, you'll create a program tailored perfectly to your event, leaving your guests breathless.

Bid farewell to traditional card tricks and gimmicks. By personally selecting Julius Frack as your magician, you guarantee an unforgettable evening that will be the talk of the town for years to come. Whether it's your annual company event, a gala, a Christmas party, or a customer gathering, Julius Frack's world-class illusions will enchant your guests, ensuring they forget about the competition. From exclusive soirées for the board of directors to significant business partnerships and product launches, whether it's a sophisticated gala or an extraordinary event at unique locations worldwide, hiring a sensational magician like Julius Frack will surprise and delight your guests, guaranteeing an experience that is unparalleled in your industry.

Become the focal point of conversation for months to come. By featuring the exceptional German magician Julius Frack as the highlight of your annual gala, you'll set new standards in event planning and innovation, overshadowing competitors. Leave a lasting impression with your unparalleled flair for extraordinary event planning, shining a spotlight on your company. Upon request, the world champion magician Julius Frack can even incorporate your audience and products, adding an extra layer of personalized magic to the proceedings.

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technical details

duration - 15 to 45 min 

setting - standing reception, table seating, party, best reception on a stage, but no stage required

crew - 1 performer, possibly 1 assistant

arrival on location - about 2 h before the show 

set-up - 2-3 min

departure from location - 30-60 min after end of the show

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