The miracle of Munich!

14 meters long, 4 meters tall, with a weight of 24 tonnes. In a spectacular illusion at the Allianz Arena, Julius has brought on stage the biggest object that has ever appeared on any stage in Germany: the new Bayern Munich Football Club bus, a MAN Lions‘ Coach. On board: Bavarian star player Thiago Alcantara.

Article in the professional journal MAGIE, volume 10 (2014)

The Miracle of Munich

What do you need to make a 24-tonne steel colossus appear out of nowhere?

Endurance, patience, sleepless nights searching for solutions, a good team, and the steadfast optimism that everything will work out all right in the end.

In late February, while I was making supper for the family, the phone rang. The caller was Leo from the media agency Viscompark. ‘You want to make a bus appear?’ Let’s see: bring up the covering, put the car in, covering goes back down: we’ve done this a hundred times before with all kinds of vehicles, on every kind of stage imaginable and in the most adventurous locations. Doing it with a bus would be pretty much the same, just…a bit bigger; so I thought to myself ‘We can definitely do this.’ Leo said he’d talk to the client. It was the beginning of a mammoth project that would keep me on my toes for the next six months. Before I even found out what bus and which client I was going to be dealing with, I had to sign a confidentiality agreement that included a €20,000 indemnity clause if I or anyone in my staff let anything about the project leak. I signed and found out the answers. The Bayern Munich Football Club was due to receive a new team bus from MAN [Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg]. MAN has several German football clubs under contract as brand ambassadors, and presents each of them with a new team vehicle every couple of years in some (usually spectacular) fashion.

Julius Frack Team - Werner Bäzner, Jürgen Reidelbach, Adress Werner, Steffen Spielberger, Julius Frack, Florian Frech, Jorgos Katsaros, Jonas

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